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radiators and cooling systems

At Pearls Radiators in Ipswich we aim to get you back on the road faster with our specialist radiator repairs. To achieve fuel efficiency and increased horsepower many manufacturers are turning to lighter, smaller and more efficient aluminium radiators for their cooling system solutions.

Aluminium radiators, intercoolers and oil cooler cores are used in a wide variety of applications including:-

Motor cycles, Show and Shine Street Cars, Modified Street Cars (Muscle Cars), Drag Cars, Speedway, Drift Cars, V8 Supercars, Trucks, Buses, Earthmoving, and Snow Mobiles in the USA and Canada.

A radiator that is working properly helps to keep your engine running at the correct temperature.

Replacing radiatorsIn water cooled engines, efficient radiators with fans cool the water running through your engine.  A water pump circulates the coolant through a thermostat which regulates the temperature through your engine and heater for the interior heating of your car. There are a collection of rubber hoses connected to your radiator to make it all work properly.

Avoid blockages in your radiators core…

In order to work at its best, it requires you have no blockages and the coolant flows freely through the radiators core and hoses. Blockages can occur, particularly in older radiators that have had rust build up or coolant solution that has clogged due to its time in your engine. This means that your radiator is not doing its job properly and therefore your engine runs too hot. The rubber hoses also deteriorate over time which leads them to burst or lose pressure, so they should also be checked regularly.

Often people overlook the simple things like bugs on the front of the radiator which can also lead to overheating issues. Additionally the thermostat should be checked to ensure it works properly and the whole cooling system should be flushed and pressure tested to test for leaks and blockages every year.

To avoid serious injury, you should not open your radiators cap or remove hoses from your coolant system while your engine is hot or at normal operating temperature.

Extend your radiators life with a power flush

A poor performing cooling system often leads to engine overheating.  This can create a lack of engine performance or worse possible engine failure or transmission problems causing even more expensive repair bills.

Our cooling system power flush removes all rust and blockages from your cooling system and replaces your old coolant fluid with brand new fluid to extend the life of your radiator.

Additionally we check your radiator and coolant system for leaks or damage, check your thermostat and hoses, drain and flush your system and refill with new fluid. Finally we pressure test the system to make sure everything is ready for the road again.

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To save you money in the long run, service your radiator regularly at Pearls Radiators and Mechanical and avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.