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suspension & steering

Get a smooth ride with good suspension

The job of your suspension and steering components on your vehicle is to give you a smooth and comfortable ride over bumpy roads. Its also to keep your tyres firmly on the road so that steering and braking systems are effective.

Pearls Radiators and Mechanical can service or replace your shockers, steering and suspension components.


With suspension and steering that is correctly set up you have better handling including:

  • being able to stop at shorter distances
  • ride comfort that rides like a new car
  • better steering comfort from less steering vibration
  • less body roll when cornering
  • improved steering for safer motoring
  • extended tyre life saving you money
  • safer towing or load capacity.

The main parts of your suspension system are the shock absorbers, springs ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes and it is important to make sure all of these parts are in good condition. The difference between worn out parts and new parts in any of the items listed above could be the difference between you safely stopping or having an accident. You may need additional space to shop

If any of these parts are worn your suspension system becomes ineffective. For example, just one worn shock absorber means you may need up to 2.6 metres longer to stop. That could be the difference between stopping safely or crashing.

If your shock absorbers, struts or other parts of your suspension leaks fluid at any time or your car ride doesn’t handle corners too well or perhaps your tyres show signs of uneven wear or your car dips excessively when you brake, then you may have signs of potential suspension problems that need to be attended to as soon as possible.

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To save you money in the long run, service your suspension regularly at Pearls Radiators and Mechanical and avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.