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Keep cool for summer with an air conditioning service.

If you want to keep your air conditioning operating at its best, you need to run it regularly. We suggest you run it a few minutes at least once a week to keep it operating and keep your seals in good condition which will stop refrigeration gasses escaping. Additionally if you need to demist your windscreen on those cold winter mornings, setting your air on demist is the fastest way to achieve this.

air conditioningA service every year on your air conditioning will ensure it lasts longer.

Our services in air conditioning cover Condensers, Compressors, Electric Fans, Evaporators, Fittings, Heaters, O-Rings, Pressure Switches, Receiver Driers, Refrigerant, and TX Valves. We supply quality parts from the AdAir range which have over 3,500 lines of air conditioning products, so we’re bound to have the part that’s right for your car.

There are a range of possible issues that could affect your air conditioning and stop it from running: including your drive belt has broken, your compressor is faulty, you have an electrical fault or there is leaks in your system or it is run out of gas.

Our Air Conditioning Service includes a check for leaks or contamination, a system pressure test, drive belt adjustment, evacuation and recharge.
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To save you money in the long run, service your air conditioning regularly at Pearls Radiators and Mechanical and avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.